The Abyssal Exalted, commonly referred to as Deathknights, are Exalted champions of the Deathlords and their Neverborn masters. They have only recently. Those who say yes are the Abyssal Exalted, Princes of Oblivion and Agents of Destruction, whether they wish to carry out their masters’ commands on not. This book tells all about the Abyssal Exalted, the cham- pions given power by the chthonic entities of the Underworld. Whether you want to use Abyssals as.

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The major axe that looms constantly over the heads of the Abyssal Exalted, Resonance represents the ire of the Neverborn earned by the Abyssal in question.

[exalted][rant] i don’t “get” abyssal games

Disobeying a greater servant of the Neverborn can also attract their anger, although it can be difficult to exaltd how they will react when their servants turn on each other. Yeah, pretty much indestructible, unless you think you can find every hair follicle it ever shed with a blowtorch. Wise mentors can provide this knowledge, though humble mortals often have as much to teach as cosmic powers like Primordials or the Unconquered Sun.

She can protect her mate abyssal harm and love her with a positive Intimacy. Once per week, when brokering deals between others, sometimes including himself as a party a Moonshadow Exalted can further bind the contract. Charms that merely add Limit function as stated above. The only exceptions to this rule are that an Abyssal does not gain Resonance when channelling a Virtue solely to regain Willpower typically a Conviction roll following sleep or chanelling that Virtue in defence or support of their Lunar mate.

The Abyssal Exalted

The Abyssal’s presence taints Creation where they walk, snuffing out fires, wilting plants, symbols of the gods becoming tarnished. And any story about people in conflict with goals has the potential to be interesting.


Contents [ show ]. Like all Exalted, deathknights surge to bayssal motes, full Willpower points and full Virtue channels in the moment of their Exaltation. Not something to want to repeat, but reality recovered from being splintered like a piece of wood in a toothpick factory. I hate abyssals, and can’t imagine wanting to play one, but I hate them for other reasons.

This material is not official and is not endorsed by White Wolf Publishing.

In the end all Abyssals do their own part in the plan of oblivion, bringing all creation closer to destruction. Originally Posted by nihil8r. Before RotSE was written, they had the best hand on paper. Some of them are, thanks to the above, quite willing to take their time and smell some black roses along the path of oblivion. Abyssals can sin against the Void and the Neverborn through inappropriate contact with the living world. The whispering spark of light serves as a conscience in even the most black hearted of Abyssals, reiterating continuously that these Chosen of Death have also chosen Death for themselves and all of creation.

A deathknight must never use or answer to their pre-Exaltation name, except to reject all claim to it. Three your job is the end of everything so success means the end of the game and Creation. abywsal

The Neverborn do not consider the Abyssals themselves to be living beings, so they can protect and defend each other without consequence. You, my friend, have just encountered a chimera. And no, the Abyssals cannot be forced to end things – ecalted they have to work really hard to avoid it.

I’m ready to Ascend! Most servants of the Neverborn strive for the eradication of all life, whether out of a twisted sense of mercy “Oblivion will ease the pain of living” or hatred “Damn them all” or simple nihilism “I never had this much fun when I was still amongst the living”.


Abyssal Exalted

Resisting unnatural mental influence is not such an xbyssal and does not grant Limit any longer. The -2 internal penalty for being in areas of living Essence applies only to non-reflexive actions. The mystical ties that bind Lunar Exalted to their Solar mates offer Abyssal Exalted a tiny sliver of hope. Whether by limitation or design, within the core of every Abyssal Exaltation is a spark of the original Solar exaltation, which promises redemption, glory, and the love of the Unconquered Sun.

Abyssals do not gain Resonance for rolling a flawed Virtue solely to regain Willpower usually a Conviction roll following sleep or from channeling a Virtue in defense or direct support of their Lunar mates as explained below.

November 04, The Neverborn took a hundred for themselves and paid a further fifty to the Yozis for their help. The Black Exaltation of an Abyssal shields her body from the injury that should have killed her and further heals her body of all damage.

Though to a degree, that’s partly to do with my own instincts and hangups. These Children of Bone are notorious for thier creation of plagues and advancements into necrotech, magitechnology centered around fusing together both living and undead flesh. Abyssal games can be tough. It’s magic, I ain’t gotta ‘splain why.

The simplest way for an Abyssal to reduce Resonance is, well, simply to suffer the punishment of the Neverborn.

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